Brian Ladin: An Incredible Chief Executive Officer In The Shipping Industry

It is not easy to build a business from scratch. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Not many people can achieve heights of success because they are not consistent enough with hard work. But Brian Ladin is surely not one of them. He is hard working individual who understands that time is money. So, he utilizes his time carefully but also balances other activities and aspects of his life with utmost ease. This is something that future CEOs can surely learn from him. He is truly a global leader in this industry. 



Educational Background

He has always been highly disciplined with his studies and has performed well in whatever he does. He graduated from Tulane University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy. He graduated in 1995 and has been working hard to date because he understands there is no replacement for hard work.

Personal Life

Brian Ladin ensures to maintain a perfect work-life balance and also dedicates time to his family that stays in Dallas. He is a doting father of two lovely children and an adorable husband to his wife.

Previous Work Experiences

He did not start Delos Shipping right after college. He first worked with different firms to strengthen his skill set before doing the same. He has worked as a partner in firms like Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital. Additionally, he has also been on the board of directors of brands like Affinity Media, Points International, and much more.

Delos Shipping 

Brian Ladin is a committed and determined investment professional. He has several years of experience in investing. He has the great leadership skills needed to become a successful CEO. Hence, he founded Delos Shipping, the capital investment provider in the shipping industry. He is also the chief executive officer at Delos Shipping. It is a ship leasing firm that has been helping different companies by offering to finance. He has worked hard on Delos Shipping and Delos Investment Management since 2008.

This company has become successful because of the discipline, hard work, and commitment that Brian Ladin and the entire team have had. This company aims to always assist companies in the shipping field excel. To date, they have helped various companies. If you wish to become a future CEO, you can surely learn a lot from the journey of Brian Ladin.

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